At Merck Animal Health we believe our responsibilities to wider society extend beyond our primary goals as a business.

We are committed to raising standards and to adding value wherever we can. We strive to conduct our business in such a way as to maximize its social, environmental and economic benefits and encourage our employees to apply these fundamental principles in all aspects of their professional lives.

Merck Animal Health is involved in a number of areas where we believe we can contribute to improving people’s lives. We focus on areas in which our scientific expertise, products and people can really make a difference to everyday lives.

Investing in
Tomorrow’s Veterinarians

For our business to be sustainable, it is essential we have access to the best-trained scientific and veterinary minds around the globe. That’s why we provide support for programs that expand educational opportunities in veterinary and animal sciences.

Company Statements

Antibiotics, Animal Testing, Plasma-Based Products, Zilmax, Information Center and Facts about Bravecto, are some of the topics with statements developed by Merck Animal Health. To read the full statements, click the link below.

Protecting animal health

Our Animal Health business tackles the world’s
health challenges, and collaborates with our customers to
answer their specific needs

Contributing to Public Health

We provide a range of vaccines, treatments and educational tools to keep Companion Animals and Livestock healthy to help ensure a stable food supply and help control organisms that can ultimately affect the health of people.

Supporting a Sustainable Food Supply

By 2050, the United Nations estimates there will be an additional 2 billion people in the world. To feed them, we will need to help animal producers become more efficient and more sustainable.

Ensuring Ethical Business Practices

We invest millions of dollars each year in the research and development of novel animal health products and technologies.